We've been asked so many times how our brand got the Elytra name and logo.

Kati, the creator of the brand, tells the story of how Elytra was born.

Elytra was born at home with the baby. The first idea was to create matching outfits for mother and child. To do this, a logo and a brand name were needed that would be suitable for both children and adults.
As I've always been a fan of Egyptian themes, I decided that the logo could be the Egyptian Scarab Beetle, suitable for both young and old. As beetles are also found in Estonia ( as many as 3073 different species) the beetle logo should go great with the Estonian brand. As I wanted to add something special to the logo, I drew different variants and created a diamond-like image inside the beetle and finally I added a circle with an ancient Greek pattern.

A fitting name for the logo was needed. This took the longest time, as there were very few catchy and beautiful words associated with the beetle. Finally I found the Latin word Elytra which was both haunting and looked good in the spelling. The meaning of Elytra then translates as 'one of a pair of hardened forewings of certain insects, such as beetles, which form a protective covering of hindwings'. And the brand name was born. Originally the brand was called the Elytra Collection...but as time went on I decided to change the name to Elytra.

Pilt: https://www.frankfiedler.com/tag/morpholog

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